We've partnered with to help you leverage the power of User Generated Content - utilizing customer ratings and reviews to increase your store conversion.

Steps to integrating into Findify:

  1. Private and Public Keys from
  2. Login to Merchant Dashboard
  3. Enable on Merchant Dashboard
  4. Sync product feed

Step 1: Private and Public Keys

Access your Private Key and Public Key from your account.
If you don't have them, go to, on the "API Keys" tab and click on the "Show" button. The client ID is the public key.

Step 2: Login to Merchant Dashboard

Log in to Merchant Dashboard. For further information please visit Merchant Dashboard

Step 3: Enable

  • Go to Plugins,
  • Enable
  • Enter your Public and Private Keys
  • Click save

Step 4: Contact Findify Support

  • Contact our support team: [email protected] with the request to setup a Reviews Puller job.
  • Our support team will get back to you once everything is setup and ready to use.

Step 5: Add the "customer rating" filter

Add the "customer rating" filter to your live filter list, via the facets menu in your dashboard