How to Install Findify in Liquid

Guiding you through the installation process

Welcome to the start of your Findify journey!

Findify is a powerful tool for merchandising and AI-driven personalization within search, categories, and recommendations. By combining store-specific trends with each visitor’s individual behavior, Findify guides your shoppers to find the products they want to buy.

Ecommerce merchants can integrate with Findify in a number of ways. For merchants utilizing Shopify, the best way to integrate with Findify is via our dedicated native Shopify app, built using Liquid - the exact same language as Shopify uses.

Here, you’ll find a guide explaining this installation process on a step-by-step basis.

First, go to the Shopify app store and search for Findify Search & Merchandise.

When you decide to install the app, you will see the following instructions:

Step 1: Create a Findify Account & Connect Your Store

Begin by registering a Findify account and syncing your product data

Step 2: Validate Your Email

After you register an account with Findify, you will receive an email (sent to the email address you used to sign up to Shopify initially). To activate your Findify account, simply follow the instructions contained in the email.

Step 3: Add Findify Liquid sections, snippets & assets

Navigate to Themes within the Findify app and select the theme you wish to enhance with Findify user experience. Import the necessary files, and then proceed to customize your theme using the Findify app blocks.

Activate in Theme

Use Shopify’s native app blocks to place the Findify components where you want them to be displayed.

  • Always enable Findify BG Operations app embedding
  • Activate Findify Autocomplete app embedding to show results tied to the search bar
  • Activate Findify Grid app block for search and/or collection results
  • Activate Findify Recommendations app block and add recommendation ID to show recommendation blocks

After Integration

Following your successful installation of Findiy’s native Shopify app, you can use Findify’s app blocks within your Shopify dashboard to place Findify solutions on different pages.

Merchants need to manage these solutions, however, via their dedicated Findify merchant dashboard. This is where merchants can manage collections and recommendations, set powerful merchandising rules, gain insights from analytics, and much more.