Smart Collections

Findify’s dependable Smart Collections solution ensures products appearing within collections are ranked according to the shopper’s preference and are not simply a one-size-fits-all static list of products.


What is a Smart Collection?


Filtering through a Findify Smart Collection, in operation on US fashion merchant Velvet's Shopify Plus store.

Smart Collections is one of the most popular Findify solutions - and with good reason.

Merchants using this technology enjoy collections that are dynamic, personalized, employ unlimited filter capabilities, and perform far better than those created using the static displays offered as a default by ecommerce platforms.

Essentially, Smart Collections brings the same filtering capabilities, machine learning ranking, and personalization you have in your search, to your category pages.

Setting Up Smart Collections

Smart Collections can be manually configured in the Findify Merchant Dashboard, imported from platform settings, or set on an automatic sync.

The manual configurations enable merchants to include products based on ANY field in the feed, from the more commonly used such as Category and Brand to more niche use cases combining colors, styles, availability etc. etc.

Prebuilt platform connectors for Findify's Automatic Collections Sync feature have so far been released for Shopify, Norce, & Maropost. Findify has also chosen to open up the admin API in order to benefit clients no matter what platform they are on.

For more information about this, contact [email protected].

Seamless Shopify Collections

Findify’s Seamless Shopify Collections feature enables Shopify merchants to manage all their Findify collections directly from the Shopify dashboard. Findify will automatically (and instantly) sync any changes you make.


Manual Collections in Shopify

Findify will only be able to Seamlessly sync Automated Shopify Collections (Collections based on rules).
If you have a Manual Collection in place, please do one of the following:

  • Adjust the Manual collection to use the rules that you can define based on the fields in Shopify (title, tags, product types, etc.).
  • If you don't have a rules-based setup in place already, you can tag the products accordingly and setup a Collection rule to Include -> Product Tag -> NEW_DEFINED_TAG - making the collection Automated.
    Once setup, Findify will sync a newly updated Automated collections in Real-Time using the Shopify Seamless Collections.

Working with Seamless Collections for New Customers

If you to go the Collections in your Merchant Dashboard you will see a switch that will enable the automatic sync of Seamless Collections from your platform.


Enabling Seamless Collections

If you don't have any collections yet, Findify will start importing collections from your platform. Depending on the amount of collections that will be imported, the process can take from a few moment to a few minutes.

After collections are imported, they are disabled by default and you can enable them in bulk by selecting multiple collections and choosing the Enable action.


Bulk Enabling Smart Collections

Working with Seamless Collections for Existing Customers

If you are an existing Findify client and have already worked with traditional collections before (meaning you have already created collections within Findify's Merchant Dashboard), after enabling Seamless Collections we will only sync new collections from your platform. All collections that you have previously created will stay the same and keep their previous configurations. Such collections will be transformed into Manual collections on the Findify side.

Depending on your preferences, you can decide to keep working with these collections from the Findify Merchant Dashboard (in this case, you don't need to complete any additional actions), or you can choose to transform these existing collections into ones automatically synced by Findify.

If you choose the latter option, you can either do this in bulk for multiple collections, or only for selected collections by modifying the configuration of the desired collection.

Automatic Collections Sync for Norce (Formerly Jetshop) and Maropost (Formerly Neto)

Findify's Automatic Collections Sync feature is now available for all merchants using either the Norce platform or the Maropost platform. Maropost and Norce platforms are being automatically synced twice a day (once during the day, once during the night) but merchants can also initiate a sync at any time manually via the Findify Merchant Dashboard.

Norce Limitations:
For Norce, only Category values are currently available in the Store API.
That means Dynamic Collections (i.e. collections defined by brand, price etc.) can't be synced but needs to be manually configured in the Findify Dashboard for the time being. The sync will be expanded as soon as the Store API has been updated.

Read more about this below.

What’s Next

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