Page Redirects

Page redirects are useful when you need to redirect a search query to another page on your store.

When to use Page Redirects

Page Redirects can help in cases when people are searching for non-product information, e.g. opening hours, shipping, store locations, returns, FAQs, size charts. With Page Redirects you can drive this search traffic to those pages directly.

There can be other applications for page redirects, you can technically redirect any search query to any page.

There can be multiple additional applications for this feature:

  • Redirect search queries to dedicated category\collection pages. If you have a dedicated men's collection, then when someone searches for men or men's, you can redirect the user to that page as it has more relevant content (e.g. more images and descriptions) that can be useful for the user

  • Redirect zero result searches. In some cases, it might be useful to redirect zero result searches to another page of your store suggesting to look at something else available.


Page redirects

How to Set Up a Page Redirect

  1. Go to Findify's Merchant Dashboard
  2. Define the search terms - you can define multiple search terms.
  3. Define the URL they will be re-directed to.
  4. Click 'Save'.