Manual Configuration of Smart Collections

Configuring Smart Collections within Findify.

What is the Manual Configuration of Smart Collections?

The configuration of Smart Collections determines which products should be included, and which default sorting order should be applied.

Findify today offers import and sync functionalities with several platforms which automates the process of configuring the collections and keeps the control in one place.

Available Platforms:

Manually Configure Smart Collections:

Step 1: In the Dashboard, click Smart Collections. You will then see the Collections overview.
Step 2: Click "Create Collection" or Modify an existing collection within this overview (shown below).


Click Create Collection, or select an existing collection in the list.

Step 3: Define which collection you are populating according to your category URL structure.


Insert name of collection in line with your URL structure.

Step 4: Select which products to include.
There are two options to achieve this:

Option A: Filter on any fields in the feed -Most commonly used


Add Condition and select to include products based on any available field in the feed.


Select one or several options within the field e.g. multiple tags.


Combine one or several conditions to narrow down the selection. Adding exclude rules removes unwanted selections while additional include rules focuses the selection further.

Option B: Select products using a search query
Queries can also be combined with additional filter rules


Quick way to define a collection using search queries.

Step 5: Define Sorting option - Optional
Select if you want a default sorting option. Most common is to utilize popularity for all collections, or for a majority of the collections, which bases the sorting on Findify's personalization. Additional merchandising can be applied on top.

Step 6: Use the Preview Functionality and Click Save
Please note that the preview is shown without the application of front-end styling or customizations


Preview the results before saving.

Can I Have Manual Collections with Seamless Sync Activated?

In the dashboard, you can easily switch individual collections to manual. Activation with URL information will then already be populated.


In the overview of collections, you can see if individual collections are set to manual or automatic.


Manual Control can also be applied through Merchandising Rules

Findify's manual collections configuration can be valuable for several use cases since it enables the application of rules set on any field of the feed. However, the same effect can be achieved for most use cases by merchandising rules. Read more here for details on how you can use include and exclude rules on collections to modify the showcased assortment.

To change status:
i) Click the pen icon to edit the collection


Click the pen icon on the right to edit the collection. To find a specific collection, you can use the search bar or filter on Status, Automatic/Manual or latest updates.

iI) Switch from Automatic to Manual


Change from automatic to manual using the toggle button.

iii) Click Save


Click Save.

Once set to manual, you can apply any modification to that collection.
To reset the collection back to the platform's settings, simply reactivate it from manual and run the sync.


Manual sync available in Maropost and Jetshop to sync collections beyond the scheduled syncs.