Price Plans & How to Upgrade

Choose between the Premium, Professional, and Enterprise Plans

Findify's Pricing Plans

Findify offers three competitive pricing plans: Premium, Professional, and Enterprise.


Findify's three main price plans, paid monthly.

Choosing a Plan

Finding the right plan for your business means determining two main factors: which solutions you want to utilize, and what your level of usage would be.

For a full list of what is included in each plan, go to

While the majority of merchants fit into one of our three price plans, prospective clients also have the option to tailor plans more specifically to their needs. In order to kick start this process, send an email outlining your needs to [email protected].

Save Money with Annual Payment

While some merchants prefer the flexibility of Findify's rolling no-strings-attached monthly payment plans, others prefer to save 10% of the cost with an annual payment plan. See updated pricing plans below.


Findify's three main price plans, paid annually with a 10% discount.

How to Upgrade

Existing clients who would like to upgrade their Findify plan can do so via their Findify Merchant Dashboard. Just navigate to Account > Billing and click on the blue 'Choose Plan' button located on the top right of the screen.


In case of any issues, feel free to email yourfriends@findify,io and a representative will be on hand to assist you.