Security & Reliability

Discover all of the ways Findify keeps your search and merchandising solutions running as safe and as smooth as possible.


Security and Reliability are key to Findify. We follow the work of the security research community on a continuous basis in order to keep improving the security of your Findify data and applications.

Isolated Deployment

At Findify, each client is running on their own isolated deployment, so any issue with one client doesn't affect any other client. Each deployment can also be scaled individually.

This is, in our opinion, an essential way of working - and yet many other Site Search and Personalization providers fail to do this, instead choosing to host all clients on the same environment. This means that if there is a problem with one client it can have knock-on effects for every single client using the same environment. If one client experiences a huge surge in traffic, for example, and goes down for a period of time, all other clients in the same environment will also experience some down time.

At Findify, merchants will never experience this issue and can remain secure in the knowledge that their site will not go down due to the issues of others.

Automated Monitoring

While issues are rare, Findify engineers have proactively implemented a robust pager duty system to ensure any problems that do ever arise are immediately dealt with,

An automated monitoring system is currently in place whereby if any system fails, for any reason, a call goes out automatically to the on-call engineer. This takes place on a round-the-clock basis, 365 days of the year. If, for any reason, the on-call engineer does not answer, a call is placed to the next person in line (and so on).

This further ensures peace of mind for our valued clients, who know that they won't wake up to an ecommerce store that has been down all night.

Performance Patches

At key times of the year - most notably the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period - Findify will proactively implement a ban on patches and, indeed, on any deployment apart from critical system updates. This is a further failsafe to ensure there are no problems with ecommerce merchants during their busiest sales seasons. Merchants can be safe in the knowledge that they will not experience any down time due to something that was pushed through by Findify - something not every Site Search and Personalization provider assures.

Up Time Stats

  • Throughout 2020, Findify infrastructure was available 100% of the time. No down time was recorded.
  • View our current and recent status via our Public Status Page (launched March 23, 2021).

What’s Next

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