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How and when am I charged?


If you're using our Shopify public application, then the charging is performed by the Shopify platform. Please check with Shopify support for more information.

Other platforms

We use a platform called Chargebee to track and issue charges. Charges are made according to agreed Order form, in standard conditions on the basis of a rolling 30-day term.

How can I modify my payment information?

Please visit the Account -> Billing section of the Merchant Dashboard to alter your credit card information.

Is my credit card safe?

Absolutely. We use a payment gateway called Braintree, which is also used by other familiar, global companies such as AirBnB, Uber, Tictail, OpenTable, Hotel Tonight and Github.

For variable plans: What is 'Findify generated revenue'?

If a customer clicks on a product in the search results page or a product match in the autocomplete, and then carries on to purchase the product within the same session, it is considered Findify-generated revenue.

For variable plans: What is 'session'?

A session is considered a period of time in which a customer is active on your website. If a customer is inactive on your website for 30 minutes or more, it is no longer considered the same session.

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