Integrate via Shopify App Store


Findify integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store using our 5-star rated app.
You can then use your dashboard to add Personalized recommendations, create Smart Collections and make use of the merchandising tools.

Integration steps:

  1. Downloading the app from Shopify App Store
  2. Installing Findify
  3. Login to Merchant Dashboard


Specific Questions & Best Practice

Please visit the Shopify FAQ Section

Step 1: Download the app


Findify on Shopify app store

Step 2: Install the app


Development Environment

We strongly advice to always have a dev account of Findify to finalize customizations & prepare later changes (this is included in every subscription).

  • If you have a separate Shopify account/URL for your dev-environment, please repeat this process for both stores.
  • If you have your dev-environment on the same Shopify account/URL, Findify's team will set up two accounts.


Congratulation! Findify is now installed on you store :tada:

Step 3: Integrate Findify

Findify does not insert it's scripts automatically to your theme. You have an option to either integrate the necessary code manually or use our Merchant Dashboard function to insert the code into selected theme.

  • You can follow Integration Steps to insert the code manually

  • In the Status & Usage section of the Merchant Dashboard select a theme where you want to integrate Findify scripts, choose the name for the search results page and decide whether to override existing search results page or not (if you already have a search app installed, this option might break it)


Step 4: Merchant Dashboard

  • Once you have installed the app you will be re-directed to Merchant Dashboard
  • Now it's time to start configuring through our Merchant Dashboard
  • Follow our Merchant Dashboard guide to configure and customize Findify

What’s Next

Let's start customizing using our Merchant Dashboard