Integrate via Shopify App Store


Findify integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store using our 5-star rated app.
You can then use your dashboard to add Personalized recommendations, create Smart Collections and make use of the merchandising tools.

Integration steps:

  1. Downloading the app from Shopify App Store
  2. Installing Findify
  3. Login to Merchant Dashboard


Specific Questions & Best Practice

Please visit the Shopify FAQ Section

Step 1: Download the app


Findify on Shopify app store

Step 2: Install the app


Development Environment

We strongly advice to always have a dev account of Findify to finalize customizations & prepare later changes (this is included in every subscription).

  • If you have a separate Shopify account/URL for your dev-environment, please repeat this process for both stores.
  • If you have your dev-environment on the same Shopify account/URL, Findify's team will set up two accounts.


Congratulation! Findify is now installed on your store πŸŽ‰

Step 3: Integrate Findify

Findify does not insert it's scripts automatically to your theme to ensure no existing structure is changed.
You can easily integrate the necessary code manually

Step 4: Merchant Dashboard

  • Once you have installed the app you will be re-directed to Merchant Dashboard
  • Now it's time to start configuring through our Merchant Dashboard
  • Follow our Merchant Dashboard guide to configure and customize Findify

What’s Next

Let's start customizing using our Merchant Dashboard