Automatic Collections Sync for Maropost Commerce Cloud

What is Automatic Collections Sync?

Findify’s Automatic Collections Sync capability allows merchants on selected platforms to work with their collections directly from their platform's dashboard.

With this capability, there is no need for double-jobbing, and no need to enter the Findify dashboard in order to manage collections.


Automatic Collections

Findify will only be able to automatically import collections that are based on Product Categories (usually with ContentType: 1) and Brands (url must contain brand/ within it).

Who can avail of the Automatic Collections Sync feature?

Currently, Automatic Collections Sync is available to merchants using Maropost Commerce Cloud or Jetshop. Merchants using Shopify or Shopify Plus can avail of the similar Seamless Shopify Collections feature.

How does it work?

Findify’s Automatic Collections Sync for Maropost Commerce Cloud capability will automatically update any changes made to a collection within the Maropost Commerce Cloud dashboard. This is done with an automated sync which occurs twice a day - without the merchant needing to do anything extra.

Should a merchant need the sync to occur immediately after a change has been made, they also have the option to manually start a sync within the Findify dashboard - which is as simple as pushing a button.

The capability to set up or configure individual collections will of course remain, which can be utilized for collections that require a wider set of options to set up.


Importing a Collection

Depending on the platform, Findify enables merchants to import pre-existing collections from their ecommerce platform, converting the into a Smart Collection in the process. This is currently available for merchants using the Shopify, Maropost Commerce Cloud, or Jetshop platforms.