In this section of the Findify Merchant Dashboard, you will be able to manage dashboard settings under the following headings:

  • Status & Usage
  • Product Sync
  • Plugins
  • Filtering
  • Color Mapping
  • Stock
  • Translations
  • Style Editor
  • IP Blocking
  • Front End Configuration

Status & Usage

Here you can get the Findify API key for direct API access and a reference to your MerchantJS library. You can also temporarily disable Findify with a single click, if you need to.


Product Sync

Product sync synchronizes the merchant's inventory with Findify's internal database. For a more detailed explanation, navigate to our dedicated Product Sync page.


Enable third-party integrations with Findify, to amplify the value you deliver to your customers.



Use this interface to customize the filters that appear in your search results and Smart Collections. You can enable specific filters, disable others, then rename and reorder them. For a more detailed explanation, navigate to our dedicated Product Filtering section.

Color Mapping

Use this tool to configure your color filter. If you sell color-rich products, you can group all the different shades of blue, for example, into a single color swatch. For example, group "sky blue", "light blue", and "slate blue" into a single color group, call it "blue" and assign it a single color code. You can also upload an image to represent a pattern or print such as "Stripes" or "Camo". For a more detailed explanation, navigate to our dedicated Color Mapping page.


Use this interface to define how your out-of-stock products are displayed in your Search, Smart Collections and Recommendations.



The function enables merchants to tailor the language Findify uses. For a more detailed explanation, navigate to our dedicated Translations page.

IP Blocking

In our quest for dashboard control, we have now added the capability to exclude IP addresses - enabling cleaner data and more accurate analytics insights. ​For a more detailed explanation, navigate to our dedicated IP Blocking page.

Front End Configuration

In the Advanced Setup tab, you will be able to configure specific elements of your store in relation to areas like rendering, currency and price, product display, the autocomplete, search results, filtering, pagination, and sorting.

However, it is important to note that these elements are very sensitive, and can have major storewide implications. It is also important to note that some of these settings will not have an effect on stores with high levels of customizations.

Please do contact [email protected] if you have any queries or would like help configuring these advanced settings.