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Smart Collection

Findify Smart Collection integration guide

What are Findify Smart Collections?

Findify Smart Collections are an intelligent way to present specific product segments to your users.
The added value with Findify Smart Collections is that you will have all the features you love in Findify search, now on a collection level:

  1. Dynamic filtering
  2. Trend based product ordering (using our Machine Learning platform)
  3. Lightning fast response time

Findify Smart Collections can be used to replace specific category pages on your site, create dedicated landing pages, or as the complete collection engine for your store. Smart Collections are also SEO-friendly, so they are indexed by search engines to make sure you make the best of your product data.

  1. Create a Smart Collection
  2. Add extra content
  3. Add a fallback for Findify Smart Collections
  4. Shopify specific integration
  5. BigCommerce specific integration

Updated about a month ago

Smart Collection

Findify Smart Collection integration guide

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