Smart Collections

What is Findify Smart Collections?

Findify’s dependable Smart Collections solution ensures products appearing within collections are ranked according to the shopper’s preference and are not simply a one-size-fits-all static list of products.

Findify Smart Collections can be used to replace specific category pages on your site, create dedicated landing pages, or as the complete collection engine for your store. Smart Collections are also SEO-friendly, so they are indexed by search engines to make sure you make the best of your product data.

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How to Create Smart Collections

Go to your Findify Merchant Dashboard and navigate to Smart Collection.

You now have two options. You can either create Smart Collections manually from within Findify, or you can (depending on what platform you are using) chose to import collections.



Manually Creating a Smart Collection

If you would like to manually set up a Smart Collection on your ecommerce store, just click here and follow the instructions.


Importing a Collection

Depending on the platform, Findify enables merchants to import pre-existing collections from their ecommerce platform, converting the into a Smart Collection in the process. This is currently available for merchants using the Shopify, Maropost, or Jetshop platforms.

Seamless Shopify Collections

Findify’s Seamless Shopify Collections feature improves the way Shopify merchants work with their Findify collections. Merchants can manage all their Findify collections directly from the Shopify dashboard - making the process quicker and easier than ever before. For a more detailed explanation, watch our video below.


External Resources

Should you wish to read more about Automated & Manual Collections within Shopify specifically, [click here. ](

BigCommerce Seamless Collections

This feature works in a similar way to the Seamless Shopify Collections capability.

Findify will automatically sync any changes made to BigCommerce collections (that are based on categories and brands) within a few minutes of the change being made. This takes place automatically - without the need to do any extra configuration in the Findify Merchant Dashboard.

Automatic Collections Sync for Maropost and Jetshop

This feature works in a similar way to the Seamless Shopify Collections capability.

It means Maropost and Jetshop merchants can quickly and easily import their collections and manage them solely within their ecommerce platform. Findify will automatically update any changes to the collection with an automated sync which occurs twice a day - without the merchant needing to do anything extra. Should a merchant need the sync to occur immediately after a change has been made, they also have the option to manually start a sync within the Findify dashboard.

Jetshop Sync Limitations:
For Jetshop, only Category values are currently available in the Store API.
That means Dynamic Collections (i.e. collections defined by brand, price etc.) can't be synced but needs to be manually configured in the Findify Dashboard for the time being. The sync will be expanded as soon as the Store API has been updated.

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