Learn more about Findify's native Shopify app integration

Historical Context

In the past, Findify's integration with Shopify merchants primarily relied on MJS React for the front end. While this approach delivered excellent results in terms of appearance and functionality, the integration process itself wasn't as streamlined as it could have been. To connect with Findify through MJS React, Shopify merchants had three options: (a) employ in-house developers skilled in the React framework, (b) hire a web agency with React-savvy personnel, or (c) engage Findify developers to execute the integration on their behalf.

As for the latter - while we initially provided a customization service, this has become increasingly impractical as Findify has expanded. I’m sure you would agree that our developers need to continue their focus on pioneering new innovations for you, the client, rather than tailoring solutions for individual stores!

Introduction of a Game-Changer

This situation prompted us to innovate, resulting in the development of a native Shopify app created using Shopify's own language - Liquid. Now, ecommerce merchants on the Shopify platform need only to find Findify in the Shopify app store and follow straightforward on-screen integration instructions, which encompass:

  • Creating a Findify account and linking your store to Findify.
  • Synchronizing your product data.
  • Confirming your email address.
  • Installing Findify into your chosen Shopify theme.

In sum, you can have Findify up and running on your store with pre-designed layouts in just a matter of minutes. After integration, it's a breeze to use Shopify's native app blocks to position Findify components precisely where you want them on your store. Any merchant familiar with Shopify can do this effortlessly.

For those who desire customizations, Findify's components can be easily modified by any developer well-versed in Shopify Liquid.

Thanks to this new native Shopify app integration, integrating Findify has never been more straightforward for Shopify merchants.