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Shannon Sweeney, Death Wish Coffee

"Findify has helped our store's search function tremendously. Their team is super easy to work with, responsive, and insightful. Their tool is constantly improving and updating to fit our store's needs."

Tim Davies, Zellis

"If you're not already using Findify on your ecommerce webstore, you should be. We've deployed it on several of our client websites with terrific results."

Nils Kohlström, Cyberphoto

"Findify increased our conversion, search refinements are down, and the load on our server is reduced."


Jamie Michaels, Cosmetic Capital

"The customer experience from the homepage to checkout was vastly, and quickly, improved by the implementation of Findify."

David Light, Icon By Design

"The support received from Findify has been excellent. AI has dramatically reduced the amount of manual setup required."

Rodrigo Irencio, Bicycles Online

“Findify has indeed helped us improve. Search became a lot faster and category pages became a lot smarter by using AI to arrange the products and improve conversion. If you are looking to take your standard ecommerce solution to the next level, I recommend you consider Findify.”


Brianna Mallory, The Sock Drawer

"Findify is absolutely a worthwhile investment. It's easy to use and has helped save countless hours for our team."

Ashley Pair, Fuel Made

"Findify not only provided a seamless technical integration but also did an incredible job of matching the custom design of our collection pages all while increasing product discoverability on the site! Their integration will allow users to search a myriad of ways to find exactly what they're looking for far more quickly than they were able to before."


Anju Mahbubani, ​​Shaun Leane

"We love this app, a great search functionality tool. The team at Findify have been very supportive and responsive (not to mention patient!). Highly recommended."

Richard Enriquez, White River

"The one thing that really stuck out was Findify's ability to work with us on customizing - meeting our demands."


Chris Tissell, Storiarts

"We initially tried a competitor to Findify but found it inferior in almost every way. Findify offered more value and integrated much better."

Justin Welty, UroTuning

"Findify pays attention to your needs and follow up to make sure everything works and functions exactly how it is intended."


Lone Sanco, Lisen.dk

"I thought Findify's way of working with AI would help me serve my customers better than before. I was right!"

Want to know more? Watch this webinar where we delve into the experience of our client Lisen - a Danish fashion store running on the Shopify platform.

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