Advanced Integration Overview

There are many different ways to integrate Findify solutions.


There are several way to integrate Findify with your ecommerce store. Each merchant can choose the best way for them, depending on their needs (in terms of flexibility and control); time constraints; and the development resources available to them.

Direct API Integration

API integration will give you the maximum flexibility and control over how Findify is integrated with your store.

This is usually the most time consuming way to integrate Findify, however it is the method that will provide the most flexibility and speed. You can integrate only the resources that you use and customize them (or use your existing UI) as you wish.

The downside of this approach is the increased development time and development resources needed for this type of integration.

Approximate development time: weeks to months.

JavaScript SDK

If you have decided to go with the API integration, we have a pre-built SDK for JavaScript language that can make it easier to integrate the API if you are using Node.js on the server or are building your own frontend implementation.

Approximate development time: weeks to months.

React Connectors Library

If you are looking to build your own custom frontend experience using React framework, you can utilize our React Connectors library that creates an abstraction over the JavaScript SDK and makes it even easier to communicate with the API.

Approximate development time: weeks to months.


Merchant.JS (or MJS) is a pre-built frontend library that is built using React framework. This library includes a pre-built frontend experience for all the components needed to show Findify's Personalized Search (including autocomplete), Smart Collections, and Recommendations solutions.

Although MJS is pre-built with a certain UI, we have included a way to customize the look and feel by utilizing our DevTools Chrome Extension.

This is the fastest way to integrate with Findify as you don't need to build the integration from scratch. You can also utilize Findify's Professional Services to customize MJS to your needs and free up your developers.

Approximate development time: days to weeks.

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