Norce Flight

Step 1: Generate the Product Feed

Findify utilizes Norce's Hyperdrive feature to access product information. In order to configure the hyperdrive feed, please follow these steps:

A. Log in to Hyperdrive.

B. Set up a new channel:


C. Select the Findify Format:


D. Map required and optional fields:


Read About Required & Optional Fields

Feed Specifications


Step 2: Share Product Feed & Onboard in Findify's System

From Hyperdrive, copy the feed URL and share with Findify.



Requirements To Onboard The Store

  • Feed URL: See above

  • ShopId: Used to run the automatic collection sync (See below)

Step 3: Set up Smart Collections

Setup: Share the Shop-ID with Findify and we will set up the Importer.
Ongoing Import: Runs automatically once a day.

Step 4:Install the Flight Front-End (MJS)

Install Findify: Follow these instructions to run the installation

Integrate Collections: Follow these instructions to run the installation

Integrate Recommendations: Follow these instructions to run the installation


Please Note

The MJS is a prebuilt front-end library with all assets needed to run Findify.
All components in the library are fully customizable to match desired brand experience.

This step is not applicable for API integrations where the front-end is built specifically for the merchant. For API documentation, please read more here.

Step 5: Add Analytics Tracking

Please follow these steps to integrate the analytics tracking across the site for Findify to perform optimally:



Please Add All Analytics Trackers

In order for Findify to work optimally, all trackers need to be in place

Step 6: Populate Recommendations

Once your Findify account is onboarded, you will get access to the dashboard where you can review analytics, merchandise, and populate recommendations.



Read more about recommendations here.