Interpreting the data to gain valuable insights into shopper behavior.

What are Findify Analytics?

Findify Analytics is a powerful tool which enables merchants to quantify the effects of their Site Search and Personalization software.

What's more, within analytics merchants can monitor the evolution of their customers’ search behavior in order to better anticipate their needs and intentions.

This tool affords a deeper understanding of shopper behavior, helping merchants prioritize their business needs.

To access the analytics tool, log in to your Findify Merchant Dashboard and navigate to 'Analytics'.


Analytics Terminology Explained

What is 'Findify generated revenue'?

If a customer clicks on a product in the search results page or a product match in the autocomplete and then carries on to purchase the product within the same session, it is considered Findify-generated revenue.

What is a 'session'?

A session is considered a period of time in which a customer is active on your website. If a customer is inactive on your website for 30 minutes or more, it is no longer considered the same session.