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Findify Yotpo integration

The integration between Yotpo and Findify helps shorten the time it takes customers to complete a purchase.
Not only do customers can quickly see the star rating for each products, but they can also filter products based on their ratings, making sure your reviews have an even bigger impact.

Integrating Yotpo into the Findify solution does not require any coding. Simply follow these steps, and you'll be live in no time:

  1. Make sure you have completed your Yotpo integration. If you have not, head to to sign up or get in touch with the Yotpo team.
  2. Enable the Yotpo integration from your Findify Merchant Dashboard by simply sliding the toggle
  3. Add the "avg. customer rating" filter to your live filter list, via the facets menu in your dashboard

And that's it. Happy selling! :)

Updated about a year ago


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