Integrating Smart Collections

Findify Smart Collection integration guide

1. How can I create a Findify Smart Collection?

All you need to do is add one div tag to anywhere you'd like to include your Findify Smart Collection[s].

<div data-findify="search"></div>

2. How can I add extra content to my Findify Smart Collection pages?

The Findify Smart Collection results can be easily decorated with any content from your store (like custom banners, reviews, recommendations. etc).
All you need to do is put the content before and/or after the Findify Smart Collection div, for example

<div class="banner"> 
    <a href="#"><img src="mybanner.png"/></a>

<div data-findify="search"></div>

<div class="text">
    <p>Some extra text</p>

<div id="home-findify-rec-1"></div>

3. How can I add a fallback for Findify Smart Collections?

Please note: if you will not add a fallback, nothing will be displayed on the page in case our servers go down

For the cases when Findify servers are not responding, you can add a fallback to display custom markup instead of Findify Smart Collections.

To do this, you need to add a div to the page with the following class and style, which should reside inside of the data-findify="search" div

<div data-findify="search">
  <div class="findify-fallback" style="display:none;">
    ..... default collection code goes here....