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In order to onboard your Neto store into our system, please, follow these instructions.

1. Provide product feed url

  • A product feed URL contains all the information on your current products and is essential to help us integrate Findify to your store. Contact Neto Support who will provide you with a link of an exported CSV file containing details about your current products. For more info, please, check CSV Feed Specification

  • Once we receive the product feed URL and the information about you, we will proceed onboarding you into our system and you will receive access to your Findify Merchant Account. The account will help you manage your online store and access all of Findify‚Äôs features through the dashboard.

2. Provide access to the admin panel

  • Please refer to this doc to create a Staff User Account on Neto Store which will help us get access to your store in order to manage store themes.

  • Once, you have created the Staff User Account, please forward the account credentials for us to log in at [email protected]

3. Provide access to the FTP

Please refer to how to generate FTP credentials to get your stores FTP credentials that will help us better-run development themes for your store. You can also reach out to Neto Support for further help and also provide you with your stores FTP credentials that you will need to forward to us at [email protected]

4. Integrating Findify Search Results and Analytics

To proceed with integrating our Search Results and Analytics, please, follow these search results and analytics instructions.

5. Integrating Smart Collections and Recommendations

To add Smart Collections and Recommendations to your Neto store, please, follow these Smart Collections and Recommendations instructions.

6. References & Tips


For further help, feel free to email [email protected]

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