Findify Magento integration

Findify Integration:

  1. Integrate Findify
  2. Login to Merchant Dashboard

Step 1: Integrate Findify

Provide a valid product feed
Instructions to use our extension to generate the product feed can be found here.

As soon as the link to the feed appears (you would need to refresh the page if the link does not show), copy the link, you will need to paste it in the input for this step.

Paste the JS link in the Magento extension
At the end of the onboarding, a link to a JS file will be displayed. Copy this link and come back to the Magento Findify extension. Paste this link into the block "JS Integration" (in the view scope) and check the box "Enabled".


Congratulation! Findify is now installed on you store 🎉

Step 2: Merchant Dashboard