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All analytics data in this guide was generated randomly and might not reflect the data that you will see in the your Dashboard


Selecting proper date range

If you're going to check analytics every week, it's best to narrow down all analytics to the previous week, so that you can monitor and compare them to previous weeks

Recommendations create an additional value for your store - they can use as an up-sell or cross-sell solution, thus increasing AOV and revenue in general. Optimizing recommendation performance will increase your revenue and the number of sold products.

Recommendation performance

Checking recommendation performance can you help you identify poorly performing widgets and replace them with the ones that work better, thus increasing your total revenue.

Recommendation performance

In this example, Staff Picks on the product page is not performing well - users are not buying any products from this recommendation. This can indicate that the products are not relevant, or that the placement of the widget is not optimal. Recommendation filtering rules can be used to adjust the products that are shown in the recommendation to better match the page that the user is on - e.g. showing accessories for the main product.

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