Working with the Dashboard on a weekly basis

This guide can be used as a reference of how you can use the Merchant Dashboard to improve search quality, conversion and user satisfaction on a weekly basis.

The following sections will describe in more depth how you can work with different tools that we offer. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions using our support email [email protected]

Search analytics

It's really crucial to constantly monitor Search analytics an as they can indicate issues with the product data that we get (e.g. incorrect descriptions, titles, etc) or even missing opportunity - people might be looking for products that are not present in the store, but if the demand is high, it's probably time to think about adding those missing items.

Smart collection analytics

Smart collection analytics can give you an insight into collection performance and quickly identify issues.

Recommendation analytics

Recommendations are creating an additional value and can increase AOV or convince a customer to buy another product from your store if the currently viewed one does not fit the needs. Checking recommendation analytics will help in spotting widgets that perform poorly, so that you can update their settings or replace them with the ones that work better.


Synonyms can improve the product search relevancy and eliminate zero result searches or partial match searches, when the product data is not enough for our algorithms to work.

Pinning, merchandising rules, banners

Merchandising suite can help in promotion of certain products for queries or smart collections, when you want to direct the traffic to those products. Statistically, people more often click on the top fold products, so if pinning, boosting, burying products can significantly affect your sales.

Adding creative banners can navigate user traffic to your promotion pages or indicate certain offerings that you can have for the products that the user sees on the page

Page redirects

Page redirects can help in cases when people are searching for non-product information, e.g. opening hours, shipping, returns. With page redirects you can drive this search traffic to those pages directly.

There can be other applications for page redirects, you can technically redirect any search query to any page.