Findify Analytics


Findify Analytics is built to track user behavior on your website, mobile app or in nodejs that is required by our ML and personalization algorithms.



Obtaining Findify API Key

Before you start, you need to get the Findify API Key in order to get access to the API. You need to follow the onboarding process or get the API key from your Merchant Dashboard

Script tag

In order to use Findify Analytics directly in the browser, you need to include the following script on the page:

<!-- Findify Analytics -->
<script src=""></script>

Findify Analytics will be available in the window object as window.FindifyAnalytics


If you are using NPM, just install the library from our public NPM registry

npm i --save @findify/analytics


To start tracking events on the page you need to initialize the analytics object. There can be only one instance of Analytics, so every next initialization will override the previous one.

var Analytics = window.FindifyAnalytics;

// Initialize Analytics
var analyticsInstance = Analytics({ key: API_KEY });

// Start sending events
analyticsInstance.sendEvent('click-item', { rid: REQUEST_ID, id: ITEM_ID });