Security and privacy

How does Findify track visitors on my website?

We use anonymous visitor IDs stored in the cookies and on some platforms, such as Shopify, in the platform orders. We don’t know who the customers are and we do not collect or save any private data.

What kind of data does Findify collect about my customers?

We collect data pertaining only to search-related activity (this includes recommendations and smart collections as well) from your customers. We don’t collect confidential data or personally-identifying information.

Why does Findify collect this anonymous data on my website?

We use this data for two purposes:

  • Machine learning: We use the product view and conversion information in order to automatically calculate the popularity score of the different products on your site. This way, the most relevant and popular products are returned to customers in the autocomplete and search results.
  • Revenue tracking: In order to accurately track what revenue Findify generated, we need to track purchases and tie them to the relevant search queries.

Is Findify secure?

Even though a system is never 100% hermetically secure, we follow the most strict industry standards to make sure our systems and all the data we gather is safe and secure. We also do not store any payment information, which further reduces any possible risk.