In order to onboard your PrestaShop store into our system, please follow these instructions.

Provide Product Feed URL

In order to onboard your PrestaShop, Findify need access to the product information of your store.
Please follow these instructions to provide access: PrestaShop Feed Generation

Integrate Findify Analytics

In order to perform accurately, Findify analytics tags need to be in place. Please complete the following steps to set it up: [Findify Analytics for PrestaShop] (/docs/integrating-findify-analytics)

Integrate Findify Search Results

To activate search, you need to add the Findify Script and create a search results page.
Please follow this instruction to set it up: Integrate Findify Search Results on PrestaShop


Search, Smart Collections & Recommendations

Findify includes several small and large features.
Most common is to utilise the full suite of Search, Smart Collections & Recommendations but it is also possible to leverage a selected part.

To discuss your specific needs, please reach out to our team through [email protected]

Integrate Smart Collections

In order to add Findify Smart collections, please complete the following steps to identify and update the correct assets: [Smart Collections for PrestaShop] (/docs/integrating-smart-collections)

Integrate Recommendations

In order to integrate recommendations, please complete the following steps: [Recommendations for Prestashop] (/docs/integrating-recommendations)

More Resources: How to Create a Development Envionment

Development stores are used to integrate, configure & customize the experience in a limited environment before going live. To set up a development environment for PrestaShop, please complete the following steps: Dev-Store on PresaShop



Don't hesitate to reach out to our Support through [email protected]