Obtaining Consent

What to write in your consent banner?


Findify uses cookies to provision its services to you by setting a cookie in your visitor’s
browsers. You are required to obtain consent from your visitors in order to comply with
European laws on data protection.

What do you have to do?

You will need to obtain consent to use cookies and process the visitors personal data.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in obtaining consent from your visitors as it depends
on how you use the information gathered from them. A common approach is to use a
cookie banner.

We provide you with an example cookie banner text in order to facilitate your use of our

We use cookies to analyse our traffic and to personalize content, such as search results and
recommendations. The information we collect is shared with our partners who provide these
services to us. Your visit to this site will not influence the content of other websites. [Read more in our Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy]

Please note that it is important that you customize this message in accordance with how
you use the visitors’ personal data.

What should you do if the end-consumer does not consent?

If the end-consumer does not consent, you should execute the Javascript script that opts them out of the Findify analytics tracking. We explain how to achieve that in this section.