Private App

Integrating via a private app

Integration steps:

  1. Create a private app
  2. Set permissions
  3. Share API key and password

Step 1: Create a Private App

Go to Shopify admin > Apps


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Manage private apps


Click Create new private app


In the App details fill in the following:


Add the app details

Step 2: Set Permissions

Maximum Permissions
For a fully automatic process we require the following permissions:

  • Read and Write on Store Content
  • Read and Write Script tags
  • Read and Write Themes
  • Read Orders
  • Read Products
  • Read Inventory

Update Products to Read access


Update Orders to Read access and Script tags to Read and Write


Update Store content to Read and Writes and Themes to Read and Write

Minimum Permissions
If you don't want to give us write permissions for your themes and store content, it's not a problem, although it will require some manual steps on your side.

This is a minimum required set of permissions:

  • Read Orders
  • Read Products
  • Read Inventory

Step 3: Share API key and password

Click Save
You'll see your API key, Shared API secret and Password in the Admin API section.
Please copy these credentials and share with mailto:[email protected].