Recommendations Integration

Integrating Findify Recommendations is really easy and can be done without much knowledge of HTML or CSS.

Recommendation widget layout

We offer 3 types of widget layout: carousel, swiper and grid. All three of them can be customized in your Merchant Dashboard on the Templates page.

Integrating on your store

There are a few simple steps that you need to do to integrate the widget

  1. You need to choose which widget you want to show and where.
    We offer home page, product page, cart page and category page widgets, but you can mix and match them and put wherever you want on the website.

  2. Enable the widget in the Merchant Dashboard.
    As soon as you enable the widget it will become active and will start work and collecting data.

  3. Put the widget code one the website where you would like it to show.
    The widget code will look like the following code

<div id="home-findify-rec-1"></div>

You should put this code into your store theme where you want it to appear.

That's it, now you are using Findify Recommendations on your store, which will help you increase the customer base and gain more revenue!