What counts as an API call?

The number you see on your analytics dashboard reflects the number of API calls your store makes against the Findify system within your billing period.
This is how API calls are calculated, for the different Findify products:


For Findify search, the API calls are divided into two groups:

Autocomplete API calls

Findify autocomplete works by dynamically matching customer search requests from the first keystroke. This means that an API calls is made against the system for every letter, in order for Findify to return relevant results as the user continues typing.
For example, if your customer types "C-A-T", this will generate 3 API calls.

Search API calls.

Search API calls are generated in two cases:

  • when a search query is submitted.
  • when a filter is used on the search results page.


For Findify recommendations, each time a recommendation widget is rendered, an API call is made to our system.
For example, if you have two widgets on a product page: "you recently viewed" and "customers who bought this, also bought", 2 API calls will be made for every page load.

Smart Collections

For smart collections, an API call is generated when the smart collection is loaded, and when a filter is used.