How it works

What is Findify?

Findify is a complete e-commerce personalization platform.
You can easily add powerful solutions to your website such as:

  • Self learning, faceted search
  • Product recommendations
  • Faceted category navigation

All these touchpoints are powered by Merlin, our proprietary real-time personalization platform, written completely from scratch, specifically for e-commerce.

Findify's API was built by developers, for developers, to allow you to quickly and easily add personalization to your web and mobile applications.

Self learning search

Most search engines available for e-commerce today, are static. Meaning, even if they are full text capable, your customers will see the same results today, tomorrow or in a week.
This makes sense if you're looking for legal documents or through a knowledge base, but e-commerce is much more dynamic. Customer preferences change rapidly, and you need to keep up.

Some of the main features our search solution delivers:

  1. Smart autocomplete, with predictive suggestions and product matches
  2. Spelling tolerance to cover up 95% of all human misspellings
  3. Dynamic facets (filtering) to allow your customers to filter down the results quickly and easily
  4. A layered matching algorithm: Using full-text matching, enriched with collaborative filtering ranking and topped with 1:1 personalization.

Product recommendations

Search covers customers with a specific intent, but what about customers who are looking for inspiration, or some help with finding the perfect product for them?
Personalized product recommendations provide you with the ability to up-sell, cross-sell and recommend products to your customers, based on their unique behaviour and preferences.

You can now easily add widgets such as "You might also like", "Frequently purchased together", "trending in this category" to your any page on your site, homepage, product or cart.

Category navigation

Smart collections enable you to bring the same filtering capabilities, machine learning ranking and personalization you have in your search, to your category pages.

Using our dashboard, you can create Smart collections, based on specific keywords or search terms. These Smart collections can be used instead, or in addition to your existing category pages or as dedicated landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Results on these smart collections will be ranked using Merlin, and personalized based on customer behaviour, ensuring optimal conversion.