Get recommendation using pre-configured slot. The slot configuration is available in the Merchant Dashboard. The benefit of using slot is that you can easily change the widget types and filters via the Merchant Dashboard.

Get the list of items for the specific recommendation slot.

You can pass an array of rules to the widget to filer widget results.

An example of rules object for different types of data:

  type: 'text',
  name: 'brand',
  values: [{value: ['Some-Test-Brand']}, {value: ['Some-Other-Brand']}]
}, {
  type: 'range',
  name: 'price',
  values: [{from: 10}, {to: 20}, {from: 10, to: 20}]
}, {
  type: 'category',
  name: 'category',
  values: [{value: ['Top-Level']}, {value: ['Top-Level', 'Second-level']}]
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