Initializes library.


config.key required (string): Merchant API key.
config.user optional (user): User object. Could be provided either at initialization or at request.
config.method optional ('jsonp' || 'post'): Request method. Default 'jsonp'.
config.log optional (boolean): Defines, should Findify log requests on server.
config.url optional (string): Search API url. Used to overwrite the default Search API url.
config.timeout optional (number): Request timeout duration. Defaults to 5000ms.
config.retryCount optional (number): Retry count before rqeuest fails. Defaults to 3.
config.jsonpCallback optional (string): JSONP callback function name. It is required for method: 'jsonp' parameter.


user.uid required (string): Unique customer id.
user.sid required (string): Session id. optional (string): Customer email.
user.ip optional (number): Customer ip. optional (string): Customer user agent.
user.lang optional (string[]): Languages.


Client instance, which could be used further for sending requests to the server.

Examples of usage:

var client = FindifySDK.init({
    method: 'post',
    key: 'b9h348b89h439g43',
    user: {
        uid: 'f892hf2938f2g9p2',
        sid: 'g2984hg2jg9823g9',

// After, you can send requests to server:
client.send(request).then(function (response) {
    // handle response