Content API not available for all merchants yet

The Content API is still in development and not available for all our merchants yet.


The Content API allows a client to push and then search content-based documents (articles, pictures, videos, etc.).

A document can be of different sorts:

  • an article from a blog
  • a Youtube video
  • the content of a web page
  • a category page (from Shopify collection)
  • an Instagram image
  • any content that has been generated by the user (UGC = User Generated Content)

Content API

The content search feature is composed of 2 main components:

  • The content API that allows a client to add, modify or delete documents. This API is available under the domain pushapi.findify.io.
  • The content search API that lets the client search into their content index. This API has a different endpoint and is available under the domain api-v3.findify.io.

When an operation has been submitted to the content API (adding/modification/deletion), it will take maximum 3 minutes for the system to propagate the operation in the Findify search engine.

How is the payload built?

Each document belongs to a source that characterizes from where it comes from.
Both the id (unique identifier of the document) and the source needs to be provided for every operation submitted to the content API.
The source needs to be configured previously by Findify. This is a string that Findify provides and cannot be set by the client.

Each document can have a free set of attributes. The set of attributes is not enforced (except the "id" and the "source"). The content API accepts native types, list of data and nested objects.

API Authentication

In order to push documents to the Content API, you would need to request a private API key.
At the moment, the only way to get a private API key is to contact the Findify support, as the Content Search is not yet available to all merchants.

When having your private API key, you simply need to provide a header X-Key with the value of your private API key.

Contact [email protected] for more information.