Create a new SKU

Content of the payload

The list of attributes to add in the payload must contain all the mandatory fields of a SKU, as defined here.

Of course, it is possible to add more attributes to this payload:

  • optional fields like the "brand", the "sku", the "sale price", etc.
  • any other type of field - what we called "custom field".


The Push API performs some validations before accepting a payload.

Errors are provided when:

  • the type of a field is not what Findify is expecting. For instance, the field "price" should always be a Double.
  • the type of the custom field is different than the type already ingested previously.

Warnings are provided when:

  • we detect that the content of a field is not proper but not critical to accept an event. In this case, this is your decision to decide which action to take: make an update to the product or not.
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