request.q required (string): Search query.
request.offset optional (number): Offset of products items. Used in pagination.
request.limit optional (number): Number of products in result.
request.filters optional (filter[]): Array of selected filters.
request.sort optional (sort[]): Array of selected sortings.
request.user optional (user): User object. Could be provided either at initialization or at request.

Types required (string): Name of filter.
filter.type required (string): Type of filter.
filter.values optional (object[]): Array of selected filter values.
filter.values[].value optional (string): Selected filter value.
filter.values[].from optional (string): Selected range filter "from" value.
filter.values[].to optional (string): Selected range filter "to" value.

sort.field required (string): Field for sorting.
sort.order required ('desc' || 'asc'): Sorting order.

user.uid required (string): Unique customer id.
user.sid required (string): Session id. optional (string): Customer email.
user.ip optional (number): Customer ip. optional (string): Customer user agent.
user.lang optional (string[]): Languages.


Search results with products list, selected facets list and meta data. If banner or redirect was configured for this query it will be in this response as well.

Examples of usage:

var request = {
    q: 'White shirt',
    offset: 20,
    limit: 15,
    filters: [{
        name: 'category1',
        type: 'category',
        values: [{
            value: 'T-Shirts'
    sort: [{
        field: 'price',
        order: 'asc'
}; {
    // handle search response