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MJS v3 Migration Guide

We've completely rebuilt our MJS in order to make it faster and more scalable!

All new features will be implemented in the MJS v3!

Custom CSS

We have completely rethought the CSS architecture. It still uses BEM, but the naming convention is more strict and everything is based on Findify UI Components.

Unfortunately, as the node and class structure has changed, the Custom CSS would need to be re-written completely.


MJS v3 provides a new hook system which gives you even more control and more abilities to customize.

For the ease of migration, we support the 'old' event system, but as internally everything was re-written, some events work a bit differently:

  • gotConfiguration event is now fired for each Findify widget on the page with a specific configuration (it will fire several times if there are multiple widgets on the page)
  • searchGotData and autocompleteGotData events are equal to mapProps in the new "hook" system, it means that the callback will return an object with multiple properties inside, including response property that will contain results of the request. dispatch function is not supported anymore, so all the operations must be synchronous
  • searchRenderedBanner, searchRenderedFooter, searchRenderedHeader and searchRenderedResults remain the same and they are equal to didMount in the hook system